Remote Control Pets Review

In any kid's toy box there is sure to be a big pile of stuffed animals. Dogs, cats, bunnies, bears – kids love them all. So what do you get for the child who already has a full collection of stuffed animals? If they also enjoy electronic gadgets, why not buy them a toy animal that can actually run, swim, creep or even fly? With a remote control pet, a child's playtime comes to life while they control the movements of their new furry, feathery or scaly friend.

RC pets combine two things kids love – electronic gadgets and animals – but they're not fragile like a touchscreen or high maintenance like a real pet. There is a variety of remote control pet toys out there so there's bound to be one for every kid. From talking parrots to cats that purr and insects that clean up after themselves, there's a wide selection of electronic toys that kids will love to play with.

Remote Control Pets: What to Look For

The RC pet you get for the kid you love will depend on their animal interests. If the child is quite young, you might go with an easy-to-control electronic pet that's more cute than realistic. An older kid might enjoy a flying toy that's trickier to control but more age appropriate than an RC kitty. No matter how young or old the RC pet owner is, you'll want to consider these factors before any purchase:

Some stuffed animals aren't meant to be realistic, but most remote control pets aim to look, feel and move as true-to-life as possible. Parrots that copy you when you talk, dogs that pant when they get tired, kittens that purr when they're happy – they're just like the real thing. Not all RC pets are going for realism, however. Dinosaurs, floating balloon fish and helicopter bumblebees, for example, are things you won't see in a nature show. But they sure are fun to play with.

Fun Factor
The most important element of any toy is how much fun it is to play with. You know that some toys become favorites and never sit long in the toy box, while others never see the light of day. The best remote control toys are fun to play with for years to come – just make sure to keep some extra batteries on hand. We've added toys to our lineup that kids will love, but that's of course dependent on your ability to choose a toy that appeals to the child you're shopping for.

Age Appropriate
Finding a toy that becomes a new favorite can be difficult. However, if you know the interests, attention span and age of the child you're shopping for, you have a much better chance of picking out an RC pet that will accompany them on countless daily adventures. If all you know about a child is their age and gender, you can still find a toy they will like by staying within the manufacturer's suggestion age range.

Playtime will take a techie turn when you buy a remote control pet that's just right for your little animal lover. Kids will have hours of fun with the toy you get them, and they will even improve their motor skills while playing with their new remote control friend. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer's age suggestions and choose a gift that will be fun for years to come.

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